Kai Motta

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Kai Motta’s work has a musical abstract rhythm, with progression from his graffiti pieces and influences of American abstract and European contemporary painters.

Kai Motta Artist Statement

Kai Motta is a London born self-taught studio artist currently based on the south coast of England. Initially he was hugely inspired by graffiti, street art, hip hop and skate culture. Later he became obsessed with the American Expressionist abstract art movement. He now exploits both mediums to produce his graffiti-esque abstract artwork. The paint is applied with uncleaned brushes where the paint has dried in order to achieve a hard calligraphic edge. The paintings are produced to look like they are saying something, with the brushstrokes implying the meaning rather than a definitive set of letters.

“The pieces themselves I feel are symphonic and filled with rhythm, energy and cadence as the indelible strokes bounce and tear, sometimes gently, other times chaotically across the canvas, much like the movement of different pieces of music.”

The Act of Transcription 2022 - 2023

Obsessional Compulsive Dialogue 2019 - 2022

Chaos in the Machine 2017 - 2021

Contained Chaos 2017 - 2018

Anhedonia and Anger 2015 - 2017